Why we should blame conveyancing solicitors for the ground rent scandal?

Ethic behind conveyancing solicitor job

Every job has its responsibility, and once you work something you should know what eventual consequences are and you should be ready to accept responsibility. Doctors, soldiers, firefighters, police officer and similar vocations have obvious liability towards their clients or customers, call it as you want. If a doctor or firefighter do something wrong, it can lose someone’s life. Everyone is aware of that, but somehow no one is aware that any person’s mistake at work can cost someone a life in some way. This is the right example for it. Conveyancing solicitors are people who also have a responsible job but unfortunately, some of them used their power for their own interests.

How did they get in position to cause this scandal?

Ground rent scandal shocked Great Britain and its inhabitants. Everyone was distressed when they found out that buyers of leasehold houses are cheated on in some way. Question is how conveyancing solicitors got in position to do something like that at all. Well buyers of leasehold houses agreed to use services of conveyancing solicitors proposed by developers. It sounds weird that buyers agreed to that, but imagine situation where you want to buy particular house so hard and opportunity for something like that arrives. Would you think too much in that situation? I don’t think so.

Conflict of interest

In law there is category known as conflict of interest. The point is that conveyancing solicitors had their interest to interfere in these processes of buying, because they were paid for that, and they were proposed by developers with one condition – they must not tell buyers about potential risks, and here lies their role in ground rent scandal as well as their fault.